Daring Cities 2020 Program

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Daring Cities 2020 Opening: Session 1

Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn and President of ICLEI, together with Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, will welcome participants to Daring Cities 2020 and highlight the need and intention for such a virtual forum. Special addresses from the United Nations Secretary-General, the Executive Secretary of United Nations Climate Change and German federal representatives will further contextualize the criticality of this moment for decisive multilevel action in response to the climate emergency. An interactive dialogue among local, regional and national leaders will address efforts and specific challenges being faced by all levels of government. They will emphasize the critical role that cities, towns and regions play in regards to the climate emergency, both in being on the frontlines, as well as being active parts and co-creators of the innovative solutions needed.

Daring Cities 2020 Opening, Session 2

UNFCCC COP26 President-Delegate Alok Sharma will open the session highlighting the key issues on the table for the international climate discussions, emphasizing the important role that local and regional governments have in helping to raise the level of ambition being set by the national governments through proven, on-the-ground action. A panel of local leaders together with UN executives with then discuss the critical importance of knowing more, acting better, and daring to lead in tackling the climate crisis. A keynote address will focus on the importance of daring leadership and informed policy making to drive forward the ambitious climate action needed to keep the planet within the 1.5 degree threshold, with a response provided by a dialogue among youth representatives, discussing the level of climate ambition being pursued by current global leaders and the impact this has for current and future generations. Daring Cities host Ashok Sridharan will conclude the day by providing an outlook towards the sessions and events to follow in the next three weeks of Daring Cities 2020.

Knowledge Brokering for Climate Compatible Development

Virtual Event

As we move towards adopting climate compatible development practices, there is a growing demand for climate information and knowledge that requires a dynamic and collaborative response. However, with the plethora of information available, it is incredibly challenging for decision-makers to access the right kind of information and its applications. In this session, we will explore how we can improve access to reliable information and robust methods for decision-makers, urban practitioners and researchers, particularly in developing countries, and enhance their ability to make well-informed decisions based on high quality, comprehensive data, information and knowledge and share lessons and experience.

Innovative Climate Finance Case Studies

Virtual Event

This peer exchange session brings together city representatives and financial experts to share experience on using innovative financing tools. What works? How do you find the right tool? What lessons have been learned in projects that already have been implemented? The session also provides a platform where local governments can interact with financial experts, helping each other to better understand how to find and use innovative financing tools such as green bonds, revolving fund, energy performance contract or crowdfunding for their climate project.

Resilience Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction for the Unexpected

Virtual Event

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the limited resilience of our cities and has stressed the need to plan better to reduce risks, while focusing on post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. In a way, the crisis has been an opportunity to rethink the way we plan, design, develop and manage our cities, to make sure better prepared to protect everyone when the next emergency arises.

Countdown: Global Launch

Virtual Event

To make progress on climate action we need to collaborate on a global scale - and your community has an important role to play. On 10.10.2020, Countdown will launch globally with a virtual event, and attendees of Daring Cities are invited to join this inspiring and motivating event.

The Role of Digitalization in Climate Resilience: Transforming Local Responses to Climate Change

Virtual Event

Digital tools are useful for wide range of activities, such as understanding climate data, assessing variability, predicting extreme weather events, or climate change’s socio-economic impacts. They can also enable an efficient, transparent, decentralized decision-making processes, while also supporting decision-making processes for sub-national governments. By addressing conventional challenges in an unconventional way, digitalization can boost adaptation capacity and climate resilience for communities in both more and less developed regions.

Robust Data for Effective Climate Action

Virtual Event

This event aims at outlining the importance of data reporting for aggregation and analysis to track the local climate action towards the achievement of the national and international commitments for addressing climate change. It will showcase the value of having robust climate data and knowledge available to support decision-makers in climate planning. Having clean measurable and comparable data could support the development of strategies and policies to increase the ambition towards emission reduction targets, thus helping governments track the achievements of their NDC goals. The CDP – ICLEI Unified Reporting System constitutes a valuable solution for local governments to report their climate data to track their climate action progress.

Financing Climate Compatible Development

Virtual Event

The lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic unveiled the deep vulnerabilities and unpreparedness of the urban system, healthcare and economy to absorb sudden shocks. As the cities begin to unlock and plan for post-pandemic recovery, it's a wake-up call for our social and financial systems to be better prepared for the long-term climate crisis. There is a need to focus on the climate agenda, even in the midst of the pandemic, so that investments can be routed toward sustainable infrastructure, green jobs, and environmental resilience. Policy makers and decision-makers have an important role to play in orchestrating a recovery that addresses the current crisis, while building a strong foundation to tackle climate change.

Cities, Climate and Culture: The Urban Research Agenda in the Upcoming IPCC Co-Sponsored Expert Meeting On Culture, Heritage And Climate Change

In the summer of 2020, the IPCC Executive Committee endorsed a proposal for a co-sponsored International Expert Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change to be organized by UNESCO and ICOMOS, with IUCN and ICLEI among the key partners to be held in 2021. One of the specific aims of the Meeting is to take stock of methods and gaps in translating knowledge from and about culture and heritage for climate science and policy, with the goal of stimulating new approaches and literature that will support the AR7 and the forthcoming special report Cities and Climate Change. The Scientific Steering Committee for this Meeting is been convened in September. This event will be the first opportunity to present in detail the scientific questions and timeline for this meeting with an emphasis on the intersection between these and the IPCC Cities Research Agenda.

TEDxDARINGCITIES: Daring To Go Climate Neutral – Session 1

A panel of daring urban leaders who are each pursuing the ambitious goal of climate neutrality will present and discuss the leading work their cities and regions are undertaking to realize this target, aiming to inspire fellow urban leaders to join them in the commitment to climate neutrality, and highlight that while such targets may be daunting, they are both possible and urgently needed. The COUNTDOWN global initiative will then illustrate what a healthy, abundant, zero-emission future can look like, presenting both stirring examples of real progress underway around the world, as well as powerful reasons why this post-crisis moment is the time to act. UK High Level Climate Action Champion Nigel Topping will address the criticality of ambitious climate action, and together with Apolitical CEO Robyn Scott, discuss the key role of cities, towns and regions in not only setting ambitious climate targets, but in implementing and accelerating bold climate action worldwide.

TEDxDARINGCITIES: Embedding Climate Neutrality Ambition Throughout Sustainable Development

Achieving climate neutrality is one of the most ambitious goals that a government can undertake, yet it is one of the most critically needed to help the world stay below the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold. Those Daring Cities pursuing a target of climate neutrality must look beyond normal climate action planning measures, and integrate this approach and ambition into all aspects of their work. Cities, towns and regions from around the world which are already successfully pursuing daring approaches to achieve their ambitious climate targets will showcase their achievements. Panellists will discuss the importance of integrating these approaches and sectors into their climate action, and how it has helped them advance toward achieving their bold climate targets. Experiences and lessons learned will be shared in order to help inspire and enable other cities, towns and regions to replicate these innovative approaches and empowered to commit to more ambitious climate targets themselves.