Daring Cities Program

Land value capture: Leveraging land for financing climate action


This session will explore the key principles underpinning Land Value Capture (LVC) and policy discussions on the impact climate adaptation and mitigation measures may have on property values, examples for the application of land value capture instruments across the world, and paths towards quicker adoption and implementation of LVC to finance key components of the climate agenda in an inclusive manner. Attendees will actively discuss ways to seize opportunities to implement LVC and to deal with challenges facing subnational stakeholders, while they use LVC to finance climate adaptation and mitigation measures.

Day 5 – 2030 Visions Day

Cities and regions collectively share their vision of their community in responding to climate emergency in 2030, and the steps that will need to have been taken to make it... Read More

Accelerating action and advocacy on climate emergency (I)


The sessions will start by presentations of Daring Cities 2021 outcomes; namely, a compendium of good practices and Advocacy Demand Catalogue on urban leaders tackling climate emergency, through Daring Cities philosophy of Know More-Act Better-Lead Together. The presentations will be supported with additional comments and inputs from global partners.

Accelerating action and advocacy on climate emergency (II)


We conclude the week with 2030 Visions Day. The first goal of the day's program aims to wrap up achievements of the week-long activities. It will also map the journey in the coming weeks for Cornerstone 2: Disseminate throughout Urban October and Cornerstone 3: Advocate at the UN Glasgow Climate Change Conference (COP26), as well as towards the UN Decade of Sustainability for 2030.

Making Cities Resilient 2030: Leaving no municipality behind


This session will highlight how MCR2030 increases a city’s access to knowledge; resources/markets; partnerships; networks; and regional and global recognition. In particular, it will focus on the importance of strengthening coordination between local and national government. It will also showcase the role of vibrant networks and partnership between cities, including the development of City Resilience Hubs that provide inspiration and services to other local governments.

The path to finance: How to pitch climate projects – TAP Asia-Africa pitch event


The TAP Asia-Africa Pitch Event is a unique opportunity to learn about financing sources and improve project pitching skills.

To provide a better understanding of technical assistance and funding opportunities, first a panel of international financing institutions and project preparation facility providers will give an overview of existing sources and practical examples on how to access these.

Following, eight TAP projects developers will pitch their project to a jury composed by representatives from the finance sector. This will help not only them, but also other project developers attending the event to understand the gaps and weaknesses of the project concepts,and gain insights into the criteria and expectations of financial partners.