Daring Cities Sessions

Climate Finance

Test Your Pitch

One of the main bottlenecks identified why local governments continue to be unable to access climate finance is the limited knowledge about the needs and requirements of funders. Furthermore, they rarely have the opportunity to engage with them directly. In a similar way, financial institutions encounter difficulties in identifying bankable projects from sub-national governments and have limited exposure to the wide range of projects that cities have, nor do they understand the challenges and obstacles faced by cities in accessing finance and funding.
This session aims to give tips and tricks of project pitching, highlighting the key elements and considerations, the DOs and DON´Ts, as well as giving practical advice.

Drivers to Scale Up Renewable Energy Projects

Moving from the commitment, the RE roadmap is defined as an implementation strategy that identifies actions and actors, prioritizes projects, outlines financing approaches and focuses on the most feasible, impactful and bankable RE projects. For many city officials the processes on how to develop bankable and transformative renewable energy projects are unclear and lead to many questions. This webinar will focus on crucial enablers, drivers and barriers that the LGs face at every step of project development.

Global Recovery: An Imperative for Multi-Level Governance

This event aims at building and shaping the discussion on collaborative climate action (CCA), demonstrating good practice examples and identifying lessons learned with regard to national framework conditions, local implementation and supporting financial arrangements. The event offers insights of how collaborative action can be incorporated along the entire policy cycle, from planning processes to financing climate action thus aiding in the progressive development of more ambitious national targets.