Daring Cities Sessions

Climate Policy

How to Implement Ambitious Climate Policies. Lessons from WWF’s One Planet City Challenge

WWF has reviewed the most successful cities in its latest round of the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) and identified what they have in common that enables them to implement ambitious climate policies. Together with representatives from leading OPCC cities, we will share these insights and discuss the practical challenges of implementing and maintaining ambitious climate policies.

With participation from nearly 600 cities from over 50 countries, a science-based analytical framework and a high-level international jury, the OPCC recognizes and rewards cities that lead on climate action around the world, and provides guidance on how to align their action with Paris Agreement goals.

Pathways to Zero: Climate Change and Redesigning Cities (Responding, Recovering and Redesigning in the Face of COVID-19)

Over 150 Local governments who have declared Zero Carbon in Japan, are now in the process of formulating a plan or in the process of implementing the action on the ground to achieve zero carbon by 2050. While some of these local governments are well prepared, many of them are still struggling with the process of formulating effective plan.
In this session, we will ask cities to share their plans and strategies to achieve zero carbon with special focus on their efforts toward redesigning current socioeconomic and socio-cultural systems to be sustainable and resilient.

Global Recovery: An Imperative for Multi-Level Governance

This event aims at building and shaping the discussion on collaborative climate action (CCA), demonstrating good practice examples and identifying lessons learned with regard to national framework conditions, local implementation and supporting financial arrangements. The event offers insights of how collaborative action can be incorporated along the entire policy cycle, from planning processes to financing climate action thus aiding in the progressive development of more ambitious national targets.