Daring Cities Sessions

Job Creation

Post-COVID-19 Recovery: How to Incorporate Innovation and Green Stimulus in South America’s Public Management Systems

The absence of face-to-face negotiations and the postponement of the main international events for climate change do not act as impediments in the reaffirmation of 2020 as the year of biodiversity and can boost the environmental agenda for this year. The pandemic has brought a new concern for public managers: in addition to the zeal that local governments should have for the health and well-being of their populations, it is up to managers to turn their eyes on the impacts of COVID-19 on the climate and environmental crisis. This event intends to offer in depth discussion on innovative responses to a green economic recovery in three areas: (i) nature-based solutions and local protected areas; (ii) innovation and multi-stakeholder approaches; (iii) green finance opportunities.

Bold Circular Development as Daring Climate Action

This event will address two challenges that cities face during their transition to a circular and zero-carbon city: industrial waste circularity and food waste recovery. In the first part, four cities will share their actions and circular economy projects on the industrial waste streams and how the measures contribute to cities’ climate action goals. In the second part, two mega cities in southern China will share their strategies and flagship projects for a more sustainable urban food system, especially on the consumption pattern and nutrients recovery. Speakers will demonstrate cases and evidence of how local circular economy actions can contribute to global climate change.