Daring Cities Sessions

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in Cities: Opportunities for Green Growth through Recovery Packages

The event showcases the opportunities that renewables present for cities to achieve a wide range of objectives, including fighting air pollution, improving public health, mitigating climate change and how cities can enable the transition to renewables. The Corona pandemic makes the importance of a clean and resilient energy system even more evident. This event brings in perspectives for green recovery of energy systems in cities and communities.

Drivers to Scale Up Renewable Energy Projects

Moving from the commitment, the RE roadmap is defined as an implementation strategy that identifies actions and actors, prioritizes projects, outlines financing approaches and focuses on the most feasible, impactful and bankable RE projects. For many city officials the processes on how to develop bankable and transformative renewable energy projects are unclear and lead to many questions. This webinar will focus on crucial enablers, drivers and barriers that the LGs face at every step of project development.

@BonnGlobal: Community Energy – People Power

Any ambitious climate action plan must put clean energy supply at its center by defining the complete switch to 100% renewable energy in all sectors in a specific timeframe. As this renewable energy supply goes hand in hand with the decentralization of the energy system (local generation and use), local governments and citizens have a key role to play in the successful transformation process. In many countries, locally owned and managed renewable energy systems, also known as community energy, have become a pillar of the new energy system. These bring not only (access to) energy but also a host of related benefits to the respective communities – from job creation to circular economy.

100% Renewable Energy Roadmaps – Contributing to the Global Energy Transition

This informative and interactive session will showcase subnational leadership, sharing experiences from committed cities and counties that aim for achieving climate neutrality through their 100% Renewable Energy Roadmaps. Key steps in the Roadmaps will be explained, exploring how to prioritize actions in the transition to 100% renewables and available support addressing subnational governments. This session also addresses the process of planning, zooming in on how local governments are developing their 100% Renewables Roadmaps. Outcomes:
• Attendees learn about approaches taken by local governments in effectively embracing the energy transition, from setting 100% RE targets to planning the shift from low to zero carbon development.
• Participants gain insights into key steps in the development of 100% RE Roadmaps, based on shared experiences from leading cities/counties and other experts.
• Showcasing progress made in the 100% Renewables: Cities and Regions Roadmap Project funded by the German International Climate Initiative.
• Gain an insight into the Global 100% RE Cities & Regions Network and available support for local and regional governments.