Daring Cities Sessions

Climate Action

Ambition through Participation: Citizens Driving Climate Neutrality

Civil society wants to be involved in the implementation of local climate goals – not only by demanding action from politics, but rather through joint action together with the municipality – because ambitious climate goals on a local level cannot be achieved by administration or politics alone. All citizens are needed to do so. To raise acceptance for climate policy, the participation of civil society is crucial. In this session we want to discuss how civil society itself drives the process of local climate policy, and how civil society and local administration co-operate in participation projects to achieve the best result for their city.

Build Back Better through Collaborative Climate Action: A High-Level Discussion with National and Subnational Governments

A high-level discussion with national and subnational governments on the successful implementation of Collaborative Climate Action and the role of subnational governments in building back better. The recently released CUT paper on Greening the global recovery through cities will provide insights, complemented by practical experiences from government representatives from different countries and tiers of government.

CapaCITIES – Climate Resilient Cities – Action Planning and Implementation Lessons

CapaCITIES project aims at enhancing capacities at multiple levels of governance in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing climate resilience by mainstreaming integrated climate action planning and implementation within the urban development paradigm. The event is aimed at sharing the project highlights and experiences from development and implementation of Climate Resilience Cities Action Plans in 4 Indian cities. Senior representatives from agencies at National, Sub-national and local levels will discuss challenges, lessons learnt and good practices with respect to climate action planning and implementation and also showcase climate actions that were successfully implemented in Indian cities.