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  • [Photos] Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues: Gallery

    Flip through our gallery of photos from the Bonn Dialogues.
  • [blog post] LGMA dialogue on cities, buildings and urban systems

    On 5 June, the Local Governments and Municipal Authority (LGMA) Constituency convened a closed dialogue with Lola Vallejo and Dr. Amr Abdel-Aziz, Co-Chairs of the UNFCCC Sharm El Sheikh Mitigation Ambition and Implementation Work Programme, focusing on this year’s theme, “Cities: Buildings and Urban Systems.”
  • [blog post] Understanding urban loss: A step toward climate justice

    Loss and Damage is a crucial concept in the global climate dialogue, addressing the adverse effects of climate change that cannot be avoided through mitigation and adaptation efforts. This blog delves into the latest discussions from Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues and the SB60 in Bonn, shedding light on the progress and challenges on Loss and Damage.
  • [blog post] Setting up a multilevel COP29: UN High-Level Climate Champions elevate the importance of subnationals and launch COP29 action agenda

    On 5 June during the “Dialogue on multilevel partnerships for enhanced NDCs”, organized under the umbrella of Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues at the SB60 sessions, proposed a fruitful discussion on strengthening multilevel partnerships to enhance Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
  • [blog post] Catalyzing multilevel climate action: CHAMP endorsers strategize together at Daring Cities roundtable

    “The climate crisis is global. But the work to address it is global, national, regional and local” – Axel Schmidt Grael, Mayor of Niterói, Brazil and Chair of the ICLEI Climate Action Support Portfolio, during the CHAMP endorser roundtable on 4 June, under the umbrella of Daring Cities Bonn Dialogues 2024.

  • [blog post] Multilevel action for a 1.5 °C future

    The COP29 High-Level Climate Champion, alongside mayors, subnational leaders and other representatives, convened at the Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues to reflect on the much-needed multilevel climate action to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals. The event highlighted the importance of vertical and horizontal collaboration on a global scale to tackle the climate emergency head-on.
  • [mailing] Engaging final day at Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues

    Many major announcements were made on the last day of Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues: The release of the COP29 Action Agenda's "Five Pillars of Harmony," the newly elected ICLEI global leadership. And did you check out the new report on the urban content of NDCs?
  • [mailing] New ICLEI President and Vice Presidents announced - will steer largest city sustainability network

    Today is World Environment Day, a timely celebration as local and subnational leaders are convening in Bonn, Germany, to highlight the importance of multilevel action to tackle the climate emergency at the annual Bonn Climate Talks (SB60) and Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues.
  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues: Day 2

    Following yesterday's kick-off, we look forward to Day 2 of the Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues. Today, local and subnational leaders, alongside climate representatives, will deep-dive into multilevel action.
  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues kicks off today

    From today until 5 June, this edition of Daring Cities Bonn Dialogues brings together key actors in the urban climate space for high-level discussions focusing especially on the implementation of historic COP28 outcomes on multilevel climate action and linking the climate agenda to sustainable urbanization.
  • [press release] Daring Cities 2024 comes to Bonn with the UNFCCC climate talks, advancing strategies to climate emergency

    Bonn Dialogues brings together key actors in the urban climate space for high-level discussions to help drive the implementation of ambitious and multilevel action, in the context of the gains made by subnational governments at COP28 to ensure recognition and financial support.

  • [mailing] Bonn elevates multilevel action to tackle the climate emergency

    Held June 3-5, Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues gathers urban climate leaders to discuss implementing COP28 UAE outcomes and linking climate action to sustainable urbanization.

  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2024 is here!

    Daring Cities 2024 kicks off in March with Cornerstone I "Reflect," a period to assess past climate actions, especially those from UNFCCC COP28, to ensure a seamless transition into this year's initiatives.

  • Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues interviews

    Hear leaders speak about their cities' daring efforts.

  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues - Outcomes

    Daring Cities 2023 started with a bang with a two-day in-person event alongside the Bonn Climate Conference (SB58) in Bonn, Germany this past week.

  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues - Day 2

    After a fruitful first day of Dialogues, we are looking forward to Day 2 of the kickoff of Daring Cities 2023. Join us as the Daring Cities journey continues!

  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2023 Kick-Off Curtain Raiser

    Daring Cities 2023 kicks off today with the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues, live and online events at the Bonn Talks. We invite you to join us in person and online for the next two days and then at the Daring Cities 2023 Virtual Forum!

  • [mailing] Daring Cities 2023 Kicks Off In Just One Week!

    Daring Cities kicks off in three days with the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues! Join us for two days of online and in-person programming at the Bonn Talks, convening key actors in the urban climate space.

  • Want to accelerate climate action where you live? The @BonnGlobal workshops will help show you how

    Bonn is not only serving as host city for this virtual forum, but is also heading up two key workshops tied to accelerating on the ground action in the fight against climate change.

  • Show me (how to get) the money: Daring Cities 2022 spotlights how to procure much-needed funds for climate emergency work

    Consistent with its modus operandi of accelerating positive change, the focus of Daring Cities 2022 will be on finance and the kind of systematic change we need to speed things up.

  • Our brilliant opportunity: Daring Cities 2021 wraps up with a sense that local voices are finally being heard.

    For the past 20 years, Saleemul Huq has been working with people living in what he described as “the poorer parts of the developing world,” and as he spoke on what was the final day of Daring Cities 2021, he admitted that he was starting his presentation on a note of pessimism.

  • Why the end of Daring Cities is just the beginning…

    After five packed days of discussion, workshops and networking on everything from multi-level collaborations to addressing land capture, Daring Cities 2021 has come to a close. But the journey doesn’t end here. We reflect on the achievements of the week and how Daring Cities’ outcomes will sow the seeds for the climate discussions at COP26 and beyond.

  • Why city-level data will be the key to unlocking impactful climate action

    Data. It permeates every aspect of our lives, there’s more of it now than ever, and it might just be the key to us reaching our climate goals. Together with cutting-edge modelling systems, it’s helped us understand the gravity of the climate crisis. And together with innovative technologies, it is helping us build our capacity to act.

  • Financing resilience to combat compounding climate hazards

    In the opening address of the Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships Supporting Ambitious Climate Action, Dr. Jürgen Zattler, Germany’s Director General, Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development, reflected on the devastating flooding that took place in his country this past summer, causing 165 deaths and resulting in an estimated $2.3 billion USD in damage.

  • This is what leadership in an emergency looks like.

    What does leadership in a climate emergency mean? Midway through Daring Cities 2021, this was the question occupying our panelists as they exchanged how they were taking on the climate crisis.

  • It’s game on: Going from setting ambitious climate goals to impactful, on-the-ground solutions.

    The need to set aggressive goals, backed by meaningful numbers, is an obvious starting point in the fight against climate change. It’s common knowledge that if global warming exceeds 1.5C, we face the prospect of everything from the increased incidence of extreme weather conditions to irreparable damage to our ecosystems.

  • Practical workshops help cities navigate action in the climate emergency

    After Day 1 focused on the approaches cities are taking to mobilize in the climate emergency, Day 2 of Daring Cities brought in practitioners from the field to share their expertise and show urban leaders what tools they can use to propel climate action.

  • The starting point for handling our climate emergency? Treat it like a house on fire.

    If we’re going to take climate change seriously, we need to treat it like a house on fire. That analogy came from not just one, but two presenters in two separate ICLEI Daring Cities sessions yesterday, hailing from two different continents.

  • 3 takeaways from the opening day of Daring Cities 2021. Here’s what you missed.

    Daring Cities got off to a flying start on Monday with four live sessions that brought together inspirational local leaders to share their experiences in taking on the climate emergency. ICLEI’s Secretary General, Mr. Gino Van Begin kicked off the opening session with a reminder of the central role cities will play in climate action.

  • Bonn continues to lead as global hub for sustainable development

    With the launch of this week’s Daring Cities 2021 virtual conference, thought leaders from around the world are poised to exchange their knowledge and problem solving skills as part of the ongoing fight against climate change.

  • Hit the ground running at the opening day of Daring Cities 2021

    “This is a race like no other, because we have a long way to go. So it’s a bit like a marathon. But it’s also a sprint, because we have to be fast. And at the same time it’s also a relay, because we’ll never finish the task of climate mitigation in one generation,” observes ICLEI Director of Global Advocacy Yunus Arikan.

  • How Daring Cities will prepare you for COP26

    Ahead of COP26, city leaders are coming together at Daring Cities to advance and define their demands for the global climate conference in November – the ‘last chance’ to implement drastic climate action (IPCC Report, 2021).

  • Money Talks: Daring Cities 2021 finance sessions highlight critical role of capital in bringing green infrastructure projects to fruition

    Local and regional governments can talk all they want about tackling climate change, but at the end of the day, “nothing will happen on the ground without the financing… at least nothing of substance,” observes Nigel Jollands, the associate director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

  • 5 speakers not to miss at Daring Cities 2021

    From the Philippines to Ecuador, we’ve hand-selected the best and most daring of city leaders for you to get to know! You’ll hear from the trailblazers who are calling out corporate energy giants as perpetrators of climate injustice, from the minds who are shaping the future of governance approaches and from the citymakers at the forefront of urban resilience.

  • Five events to attend this Urban October

    As we face the climate emergency, Urban October offers the perfect opportunity for cities to convene, exchange and learn from each other’s successes and setbacks through webinars, online workshops and public events.

  • ICLEI launches Daring Cities 2020 - the world’s first and largest online gathering on climate change for urban leaders

    New action-oriented virtual forum will gather and showcase urban leaders taking bold and swift action to tackle the climate emergency in the time of Covid-19.

  • EcoLogistics Principles are launched to transform low-emission urban freight transport

    ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability launches Eight EcoLogistics Principles that local governments can follow to lead the transition to sustainable urban freight for livable cities.

  • Green City Finance Directory helps cities access sustainable finance

    The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (the Alliance) announced during ICLEI’s Daring Cities 2020 the launch of its Green City Finance Directory, an open, online resource to help subnational governments and stakeholders identify project preparation facilities (PPFs).

  • Daring cities use their public procurement power to tackle the climate crisis

    In three action-oriented sessions organized by ICLEI’s Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, participants from over 45 countries engaged online to explore how public buyers can navigate the race to zero-emissions in an environment where ‘lowest-price’ still is the deciding factor. 

  • Daring Cities: Global urban leaders showcase decisive actions in largest gathering for cities on climate change

    Daring Cities 2020, the virtual forum co-designed by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and the City of Bonn, brought together more than 4500 participants from over 150 countries to engage in nearly 100 technical and interactive workshops, setting out an action plan to tackle the climate emergency during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Beyond Daring Cities 2020 – Blueprint For Urban Leaders Taking On Climate Emergency

    Speech given by Gino Van Begin, Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, delivered at the Outlook Plenary of Daring Cities on 28 October 2020, summarizing some of the highlights and outcomes of the event.

  • Cities and subnationals make their case for multilevel climate action at the kickoff of Daring Cities 2023

    The Dialogues embodied the horizontal and vertical collaboration desperately needed at a greater scale worldwide to deliver just and equitable climate emergency response in our communities. Solutions-oriented sessions during the Virtual Forum contextualized what was discussed in the Dialogues by providing real-life methods to further action on the ground.

  • Lessons from five daring cities that are paving the way toward a just and equitable climate emergency response

    During Daring Cities 2023 different approaches in the face of the climate emergency were discussed. These exchanges have produced a set of key findings, which emerge from three core pillars: justice and equity, innovative climate solutions, and multilevel action. Daring Cities 2023 showcased many real-life cases that provide inspiration for other local governments to follow suit.

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