Daring Cities 2021

  • The Context: Heading into Daring Cities 2021

    The first edition of the Daring Cities Forum, convened virtually in September 2020, created a significant awareness on the importance of urban leaders taking on the climate emergency while facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Daring Cities 2020, the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have followed diverse pathways and paces.

  • Daring Cities 2021 Call for Transformation

    The Daring Cities 2021 Call for Transformation was one of the outcomes of Daring Cities 2021. The call reflects the discussions and exchange among the participants of Daring Cities 2021. This call was conveyed to various processes throughout Urban October and UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow, and beyond.

  • Daring Cities 2021: Urban leaders define their demands in tackling the climate emergency ahead of COP26

    Bonn, Germany (11 October 2021) – Daring Cities 2021, the virtual forum for urban leaders boldly tackling the climate emergency, has concluded with an action-oriented Call for Transformation by local and regional governments in the run-up to UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow.

  • Beyond Daring Cities 2020 – Blueprint for Urban Leaders Taking on Climate Emergency

    Remarks by Gino Van Begin, Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: As Secretary General of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and on behalf of our Daring Cities partners, the Federal City of Bonn, the German Federal Ministries of Environment and of Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is my pleasure and privilege to summarize some of the highlights and outcomes of Daring Cities 2020.

  • Daring Cities 2021 Speakers

    Dozens of leaders, experts, activists and thought-leaders from around the world will share their insights, challenges, solutions and visions at Daring Cities 2021. Here are just some of the visionaries we will hear from during the event.