The virtual experience for urban decision-makers leading in the climate emergency

ICLEI and the Federal City of Bonn welcome you to Daring Cities, a virtual, global forum on climate change for urban leaders taking on the climate emergency. Daring Cities is designed to empower urban decision-makers – such as mayors, city councilors, administrators, and urban thought leaders, as well as national government representatives, researchers, technical staff, business leaders, civil society decision-makers and community organizers – to lead in the climate emergency.

Revisit Daring Cities 2021 journey from beginning to end.

A special welcome from Katja Dörner, Mayor of Bonn, opened Daring Cities 2021,  with Frank Cownie, Mayor of Des Moines and ICLEI President, bringing the week-long urban sustainability forum to a close with reflections on its success and outcomes.

Revisit Daring Cities 2021

The Federal City of Bonn

Daring Cities 2021 is co-designed by the Federal City of Bonn. ICLEI Member since 2000, the Federal City of Bonn is the seat of the ICLEI World Secretariat, and Lord Mayor Katja Dörner currently serves on the ICLEI Global Executive Committee as Co-Chair of the Climate and Low Emissions Portfolio. The City is constantly working on improving its sustainable performance by adopting local action programs, successfully establishing forms of cooperation with cities all over the world and by launching activities that advance sustainable development.