Cornerstone I: Reflect

Building on COP28 UAE Consensus: What’s next for urban leaders driving climate emergency action (Webinar)

26 March 2024 at 16:00 CET

This webinar has updated the Daring Cities community, especially leaders, about the outcomes for local and regional governments of UNFCCC COP28, like the launch of the CHAMP Initiative, recognition of multilevel partnership in the negotiated outcomes, local and regional leaders in dialogue with high level national representatives, and subnationals prominently featured in the official proceedings of the event. Several Daring Cities leaders made valuable interventions while at COP28.

Hear interventions from the Mayor of Makati City and the Mayor of Boise on their experiences at COP28 and local actions taken in their communities!

Connecting the dots: Multilevel action from Daring Cities to COP29 and COP30 (Webinar)

30 April 2024 at 16:00 CEST

In this second webinar we continued the conversation on how cities and regions can build on the COP28 outcomes, specifically focusing on the climate action developments at the national levels and what that means for subnational governments. These reflections take us forward to connections with the in-person Daring Cities Dialogues taking place in early June and onward to COP29 taking place in November. Participants learned more about how the CHAMP Initiative is relevant to the climate emergency and how its implementation is critical as we move toward COP29 and even COP30.


Reflecting on how to elevate the momentum
on multilevel climate action beyond COP28

Wrapping up Daring Cities’ 2024 Cornerstone I “Reflect”, two in-depth webinars gathered local leaders and climate representatives to discuss past climate initiatives, especially those stemming from COP28. Read our blog for their insights exploring how cities and regions can leverage COP28 outcomes, particularly the CHAMP initiative, as we move forward to the upcoming COPs in Baku and Belém.