The climate emergency is happening right now, in our cities, towns and regions around the world. Our global leaders are struggling to address this urgent crisis. But the daring actions of local leaders are spreading around the globe.

On 14 October 2020, as part of Countdown, a global initiative from TED that is turning ideas into action by championing and accelerating solutions to the climate crisis, we are proud to present TEDxDaringCities, a special event within Daring Cities 2020.

TEDxDaringCities: Cities Going Climate Neutral

The theme of TEDxDaringCities is cities that are going climate neutral – the how, the why now, and the how do we get more cities onboard. We’ll hear from cities worldwide that are working feverishly towards this goal, and the international partners who are helping them to achieve these goals.

TEDxDaringCities will showcase those bold, visionary urban leaders who have made the ultimate commitment toward tackling the climate emergency by setting a target of climate neutrality for their territories, and are actively leading the way toward achieving that target through climate change resilience and bold climate mitigation efforts.

TEDxDaringCities is made up of three sessions throughout the day of 14 October 2020, including the voices of local governments from around the world and a special Countdown film.