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The path to finance: How to pitch climate projects – TAP Asia-Africa pitch event


The TAP Asia-Africa Pitch Event is a unique opportunity to learn about financing sources and improve project pitching skills.

To provide a better understanding of technical assistance and funding opportunities, first a panel of international financing institutions and project preparation facility providers will give an overview of existing sources and practical examples on how to access these.

Following, eight TAP projects developers will pitch their project to a jury composed by representatives from the finance sector. This will help not only them, but also other project developers attending the event to understand the gaps and weaknesses of the project concepts,and gain insights into the criteria and expectations of financial partners.

Climate resilience insurance for cities: The way forward


This session presents the relevance and challenges of insurance mechanisms in supporting vulnerable communities in urban areas to cope with impacts from more intense and frequent extreme events. It exposes the rationale of insurance for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation as well as lessons learnt from past projects to enhance new programmes. This event... Read More

Moving goods: Low carbon action plan for urban freight


What does it mean to move goods in and around cities in a post-pandemic scenario? The substantial rise in E-commerce, which will result in 36 percent more delivery vehicles in the inner cities by 2030 (WEF, 2021) has put cities and companies to rethink transport infrastructure. As such, many cities have recognized the importance of... Read More