Compendium of Best Practices

Our world is on life support. The year 2022 has been filled with “unprecedented”, “once in lifetime”, “first-ever” climate disasters like droughts, floods, wildfires, and extreme temperatures in every corner of the world. Yet a comprehensive, global response to the climate emergency has been largely stalled due to the COVID-19 recovery, war, and threats of recession.

This Compendium consists of a compilation of best practices shared by city representatives, decision-makers and key stakeholders, aiming to showcase successful stories at the subnational level. It is also part of the Daring Cities 2022 outcomes, such as the Call to Action that builds on the sessions and was launched at COP27 to raise awareness of the urgency and the importance of addressing climate emergency finance at the local level.

To read these successful stories at the subnational level, download the full report