Daring Cities Reports

Daring Cities 2021 Report: Leading in the Climate Emergency

In 2021, the international climate stage was even more important, with so much put on hold during the first year of the pandemic. Despite the uncertainties regarding the global process, neither the climate and biodiversity emergencies, nor the COVID-19 response, recovery and redesign processes at the national and local levels stopped. Acknowledging the need to feed into the global advocacy processes that clustered at the end of 2021, Daring Cities expanded into a three-part campaign to ensure that local and regional governments would be heard throughout Urban October into the climate COP in Glasgow:

  • Cornerstone 1 – Exchange
  • Cornerstone 2 – Disseminate
  • Cornerstone 3 – Advocate

To know more about the cornerstones download the Daring Cities 2021 report. It summarizes the visionary leadership, the active sharing of knowledge, and the coherent, united voice which underpins the necessary collaborative action

Daring Cities 2020 Report: Know More, Act Better, Lead Together

When ICLEI and our partners in the Federal City of Bonn and the German government began formulating a way to build on the 10-year legacy of the Resilient Cities Congress series, we were conceiving an event that could speak to, and serve, the decade before us – humanity’s best chance of preserving a livable future for its inhabitants. The report on our first virtual gathering – Daring Cities 2020 – is available for download.

Without the ability to travel, Daring Cities successfully reimagined how we connect, shifting from in-person to a virtual platform (and from days to weeks of sessions), ultimately providing the year’s most accessible space for dialogue. It was also ICLEI’s most inclusive event yet, with sessions delivered in eight languages that engaged 4,600+ participants in 150+ countries.

Over 850 local and regional governments attended the event, getting access to 98 sessions with speakers such as the United Nations Secretary General and leaders from eight UN agencies, as well as hundreds of city leaders from across the world. 

Overall, we saw three distinct outcomes of Daring Cities. To read about them, download the full report

Report cover for the Daring Cities 2020 report