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When it comes to solving the climate crisis, cities have an unprecedented opportunity. We already have the tools to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cities by close to 90 percent in the next thirty years. We just need to empower leaders and residents to adopt them.

In light of COVID-19, what might a “green” recovery look like? What might very different cities have to teach each other?

Welcome to the Daring Cities podcast, where we talk to urban leaders around the world who are taking radical climate action to prepare for, adapt to and tackle the climate emergency.

Join host Julia Scott for stories from seven daring cities in places as diverse as the Philippines, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Argentina and the USA.

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Portrait of Julia Scott holding a microphone

Daring Cities podcast host Julia Scott is a veteran radio and podcast producer, editor, and longform magazine writer. Her radio documentaries and features have aired on NPR (US), the CBC (Canada), and the BBC World Service. She’s helped launch podcasts for Duolingo and IDEO, and her writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine. Her work has also been featured in Best American Science Writing and on Good Morning America.

Scott is an editor with San Francisco NPR member station KQED in the US and the co-founder of SeedPod, a podcast coaching company that offers proprietary trainings to companies, foundations and nonprofits.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Scott maintains dual Canadian-American citizenship. She lives in Oakland, California. Follow her on Twitter @juliascribe.

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