Bonn Dialogues

Cornerstone II: Exchange

Bonn Dialogues (In-person)

3-5 June 2024

Held from 3 to 5 June, alongside the annual UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference, Daring Cities 2024 Bonn Dialogues is an in-person event convening key actors in the urban climate space for high-level discussions. This fifth edition features a packed program, focusing especially on the implementation of historic COP28 UAE outcomes on multilevel climate action and linking the climate agenda to sustainable urbanization.

Significant milestones will shape this year’s agenda with customized target audience events. We will support the roundtable of CHAMP endorsing national governments and their strategic partners to guide CHAMP implementation toward COP30. Plus, our Plenary on Multilevel Action will feature the first-ever joint public dialogue of COP28 and COP29 High-Level Champions with mayors and other subnational leaders and representatives.

The live stream from Bonn Dialogues: Insights for multilevel action which took place on 4 June can be found here.

Discussions highlights

Bonn Dialogues Featured Speakers

Daring Cities 2024: Bonn Dialogues Program

4 JUNE | 09:00-10:30 CEST - CHAMP Endorsers Roundtable

CHAMP Endorsers Roundtable (Invite Only)

4 JUNE  | 11:00-16:00 CEST - Bonn Dialogues: Insights for Multilevel Action

Bonn Dialogues: Insights for Multilevel Action

11:00 CEST: Plenary with COP28 and COP29 High Level Climate Champions
Recording –  on YouTube

14:00 CEST: Roundtable discussions focusing on Nationally determined contributions, just transition, the upcoming IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Cities, and connecting climate-land-nature.

5 JUNE | 13:00 CEST - Dialogue on Multilevel Partnerships for Enhanced NDCs

UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action – Dialogue on Multilevel Partnerships for Enhanced NDCs

5 JUNE | 15:30 CEST - LGMA Dialogue

LGMA Dialogue with Co-Chairs of the UNFCCC Mitigation Ambition and Implementation Work Programme Focusing on Cities, Building and Urban Systems

5 JUNE | 16:45 CEST - Urban Loss and Damage Dialogue

Urban Loss and Damage Dialogue