Cornerstone I: Exchange

Exchange consists of two key components:

Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues ● 12 - 13 June 2023, Bonn, Germany

Multi-perspective, multilevel in-person exchange  in parallel with the UNFCCC Bonn Talks

In June 2023 parallel to the UNFCCC Bonn Talks, ICLEI and the City of Bonn brought local and regional government leaders at the forefront of just and equitable climate emergency response together with national government representatives and other key stakeholders present at the Bonn Talks. 

This unique opportunity provided participants the chance to revitalize partnerships and discuss how to effectively collaborate and deliver a multilevel climate emergency response that is both just and equitable. 

These in-person dialogues brought new life to Daring Cities in a post-pandemic world, taking advantage of this moment to connect face to face, and inspire the virtual forum which will follow leading up to COP28.

Learn about the outcomes of the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues here.

Daring Cities 2023 Virtual Forum ● July - September, online

Curated workshops and knowledge exchange on adaptable solutions for local and regional governments

From July to September, connect with fellow  leaders, practitioners, researchers, and experts on our virtual journey to tackle the multi-faceted challenges of a just and equitable climate emergency response.

Continuing on from the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues, the Virtual Forum will provide a free, globally accessible program of solution-oriented sessions on regionally and sectorally relevant issues related to just transition and the climate emergency.

The outcomes of the forum will elevate the message from the Daring Cities 2023 dialogues and together will become the platform for dissemination in Cornerstone II: Disseminate and into Cornerstone III: Advocate at COP28 in Dubai.

Find the schedule here.

Daring Cities 2023 – Cornerstones & Program

Since 2021, Daring Cities has been structured around three cornerstones – Exchange, Disseminate, and Advocate – in order to guide and empower urban leaders already responding ambitiously to the climate emergency within their jurisdictions. For cornerstone I – Exchange – we have an in-person and a virtual part: the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues and the Virtual Forum. Check out the program below! For the live broadcasting options during the Daring Cities 2023 Dialogues please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

To learn more about the Daring Cities Cornerstones click here.