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@BonnGlobal: Indigenous Peoples For Sustainable Forestry

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@BonnGlobal host: Forest Stewardship Council

Indigenous Peoples have called forests home since the beginning of time. They know what it means to take what they need and nurture and preserve the rest for generations to come. Indigenous communities have a physical and spiritual connection with forests, and this symbiotic relationship influences the culture, religion and ancestral practices of many communities. As the original guardians of the forest, Indigenous communities have an innate understanding of the concept of sustainability.

We all know that in today’s modern society, forests are being degraded or destroyed at alarming rates. Scientists, politicians, activists, businesses and many other players gather together to tackle the issue of sustainable management of the world’s forests. It’s now time to listen formally and seriously to Indigenous Peoples, who are the people that understand the on the ground implications of forest use best because they’ve been doing it mostly successfully for centuries. In addition, Indigenous Peoples are the ones mostly affected by how the rest of the planet uses forests.

To help achieve this, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) recently launched the FSC Indigenous Foundation. The Foundation was established to develop creative and innovative solutions to support Indigenous communities and enable them to build and guide the sustainable management of their land, and become global providers of new models of sustainable management of natural resources.

Listen to FSC’s discussion with two Indigenous leaders to learn how your work in creating a sustainable city could have a positive impact on the lives of Indigenous Peoples as they protect the world’s forests.


  • Karen van der Westhuizen, Communications Director, FSC International


  • Kim Carstensen, Director General, FSC International
  • Anders Blom, Council Chair, FSC Indigenous Foundation
  • Rodion Sulyandziga, Chair, Permanent Indigenous Peoples’ Committee
  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Member of the Council of the FSC Indigenous Foundation