Daring Cities Sessions


With Blockchain Technology and Digital Innovation Towards Climate Neutral Cities and Citizens

To achieve the goal of climate neutrality, many cities have declared climate neutrality goals, but too often such goals don’t translate into political support and action of all relevant stakeholders and impact on the necessary scale.
With this digital innovation workshop, speakers will showcase digital innovation tools in the fields of data collection, citizen science, resource mobilization (digital municipal bonds) and gamification.

The Role of Digitalization in Climate Resilience: Transforming Local Responses to Climate Change

Digital tools are useful for wide range of activities, such as understanding climate data, assessing variability, predicting extreme weather events, or climate change’s socio-economic impacts. They can also enable an efficient, transparent, decentralized decision-making processes, while also supporting decision-making processes for sub-national governments. By addressing conventional challenges in an unconventional way, digitalization can boost adaptation capacity and climate resilience for communities in both more and less developed regions.