Daring Cities Sessions


Continuing the Learning: Leaving a Legacy of Partnerships at Local Level

This session will bring together local government officials, academics and members of both initiatives in an interactive panel-style session. Panellists will reflect on the following questions:
• In your opinion, what are some of the biggest barriers and opportunities to “continuing the learning”?
• How do these learning model fit local level knowledge needs?
• Could the EPIC model represent a transformative paradigm for the way that universities operate and relate to the needs of local governments and communities where they reside?
• What is the reaction of local government officials and community leaders to both the EPIC and FRACTAL process?
• How important is building relationships/connections between different disciplines? Can you please expand by giving examples/cases?

Sustainable Urban Renewal through Nature-Based Solutions: Lessons Learned from Chinese and German Cities

Under the Sino-German Urban Partnership, this virtual exchange workshop aims to promote knowledge sharing, considerations on opportunities for further needed developments in policy and practice of Chinese and German cities and officials on sustainable urban renewal initiatives, particularly with respect to identifying and applying nature-based solutions in response to climate and ecological crises.

Post-COVID-19 Recovery: How to Incorporate Innovation and Green Stimulus in South America’s Public Management Systems

The absence of face-to-face negotiations and the postponement of the main international events for climate change do not act as impediments in the reaffirmation of 2020 as the year of biodiversity and can boost the environmental agenda for this year. The pandemic has brought a new concern for public managers: in addition to the zeal that local governments should have for the health and well-being of their populations, it is up to managers to turn their eyes on the impacts of COVID-19 on the climate and environmental crisis. This event intends to offer in depth discussion on innovative responses to a green economic recovery in three areas: (i) nature-based solutions and local protected areas; (ii) innovation and multi-stakeholder approaches; (iii) green finance opportunities.

EcoLogistics: Achieving Low Emission Urban Freight Transport

Have you ever wondered about the journey of the morning coffee you brew or buy from a store; how did it reach from the coffee estates to your cup? Global freight demand is estimated to triple between 2015 and 2050 and the ability to move goods efficiently has become the lifeblood of economic development, particularly in cities which generate over 80 percent of global GDP and an estimated 75 percent of global emissions (ITF 2019). Freight transport forms the backbone of today’s global economy. This panel will discuss trending solutions in the field of urban logistics and the need to explore the sector which otherwise is neglected compared to passenger transport. EcoLogistics project initiated by ICLEI has conducted studies in 9 cities in Argentina, Colombia and India. Local governments’ representative will discuss the status quo from project cities.