Daring Cities Sessions


Pathways to Zero: Climate Change and Redesigning Cities (Responding, Recovering and Redesigning in the Face of COVID-19)

Over 150 Local governments who have declared Zero Carbon in Japan, are now in the process of formulating a plan or in the process of implementing the action on the ground to achieve zero carbon by 2050. While some of these local governments are well prepared, many of them are still struggling with the process of formulating effective plan.
In this session, we will ask cities to share their plans and strategies to achieve zero carbon with special focus on their efforts toward redesigning current socioeconomic and socio-cultural systems to be sustainable and resilient.

TEDxDaringCities: Daring to Go Climate Neutral – Session 2

The session will open with a special address showcasing the unparalleled vision of the Government of Dominica to become the world’s first Climate Resilient nation. Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction and Head of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), will provide a response to the special address, further contextualizing the bold leadership of the Government of Dominica in the framework of global climate resilience and disaster risk reduction, and highlighting what other governments can learn from this example. A panel of daring urban leaders who are each pursuing the ambitious goal of climate neutrality will then present and discuss the leading work their cities are undertaking to realize this ambitious target. In showcasing their work, the panelists will also aim to inspire fellow urban leaders to join them in the commitment to climate neutrality, and highlight that while the task of achieving such a target may be daunting, it is both possible and urgently needed. The COUNTDOWN global initiative will then illustrate what a healthy, abundant, zero-emission future can look like, presenting both stirring examples of real progress underway around the world, as well as powerful reasons why this post-crisis moment is the time to act. Chilean High Level Climate Action Champion Gonzalo Muñoz will then address the criticality of ambitious climate action, and together with the Mayor of the City of Glasgow, discuss the key role of cities, towns and regions in not only setting ambitious climate targets, but in implementing and accelerating bold climate action worldwide.