Daring Cities Sessions


Exploring the Linkages Between the Global Climate and Nature Advocacy Agendas

We are at a critical point in the history of our planet, where urgent action is needed to secure our collective future. Biodiversity is diminishing at unprecedented rates, and the global climate is changing faster than ever before. Cities are part of the problem, but are also the solution, as it is at the local and subnational level where actions to solve both crises can be deployed most effectively. It is also at the local and subnational level where the impacts of these crises are most felt, and where the cost of inaction will be the greatest. The biodiversity and climate crises are both crises in their own rights, but are inextricably linked. Instead, many of our climate adaptation and mitigation solutions lie in nature. Learn how cities are central to addressing both the climate and biodiversity crises and those daring cities who are committed to integrate climate and nature considerations in local planning and development processes, thereby making significant contributions to achieving both global agendas simultaneously.