Daring Cities Sessions

United Nations University

Decarbonizing Cities: How To Build Coalitions And Get People On Board

Decarbonization cannot be successful if it undermines social justice and security, and more than anything, it will require buy-in from the general population and many influential actors. This could, for instance, be achieved by involving arts and film to create and tell new narratives about desirable cities. New coalitions will have to be built in society, and there has to be a general consensus that reducing carbon emissions is a worthwhile endeavor. In this panel, we want to discuss the potential of activating these new actor constellations and new approaches to trigger social change towards zero carbon cities. Ideas and best practices on how to engage formal and informal urban influencers, for example through culture and art, to form and sustain novel urban coalitions will be shared and discussed.

Addressing Climate Risks through Planning in Growing Cities

The World is getting urbanized, half of the cities that would exist in 2050 are being built. Therefore, now is the time to have and practice the ‘comprehensive’ understanding of the climate change risks, its drivers and abettors. While the hazards such as sea level rise, water scarcity etc. have drawn the attention of urban practitioners and researchers, in this session, we aim to bring attention to equally important factors that can exacerbate the exposure and vulnerability to such hazards and therefore enhancing climate change risks. We would discuss possible pathways for cities particularly those in the Global South to reduce such exposures and vulnerabilities.