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Amazonia: Urban Development, Sustainability and Partnership

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The objective of this panel is to promote a broad discussion among Regional and Local Amazonian Governments, Civil Society and Private Sector about the sustainable development in the largest tropical forest in the world. How the diversities from Amazonia can support the governance model that guarantees sustainable development combined with the well-being of the population, creating opportunities to build a strong network focusing on the protection of the forest through a permanent dialogue among the stakeholders.

The event intends to build on the ICLEI-led initiative Forum of Panamazonic Cities. The objective of the Forum is to create a regional platform of local governments to promote the exchange of knowledge, practices and models of sustainable development between Amazonian subnational governments, addressing specific issues that are critical for the regional perspective, such as employment and income generation, girls education and youth empowerment.


  • Facilitator: Rodrigo Perpétuo, Executive Secretary, ICLEI South America
  • Institutional remarks: Nicole Stopfer, Regional Director, Program Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)


  • Arthur Virgílio, Mayor of Manaus, Brazil
  • Ane Alencar, Director of Science, Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), Brazil
  • Jaciara Borari, Tapajos Nucleus Coordinator, Engajamundo, Brazil