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@BonnGlobal: Community Energy – People Power

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@BonnGlobal host: World Wind Energy Association

Any ambitious climate action plan must put clean energy supply at its center by defining the complete switch to 100% renewable energy in all sectors in a specific timeframe. As this renewable energy supply goes hand in hand with the decentralization of the energy system (local generation and use), local governments and citizens have a key role to play in the successful transformation process. In many countries, locally owned and managed renewable energy systems, also known as community energy, have become a pillar of the new energy system. These bring not only (access to) energy but also a host of related benefits to the respective communities – from job creation to circular economy.

This session will explore:

  • How to maximize the role of community energy in order to unfold the benefits of local renewable energy
  • How citizens, community energy organizations and local governments can work together to achieve these goals


  • Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association (WWEA): What is community energy?
  • Taryn Lane, Hepburn Wind, Australia: A community wind farm in Australia
  • Thomas Zwingmann, BürgerEnergie Rhein-Sieg, Germany: A German renewable energy cooperative
  • Facilitator: Rian van Staden, 100% Renewables