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@BonnGlobal: Forests – Multifunctional Solutions for Resilient Cities

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@BonnGlobal host: European Forest Institute

Urban forests, as well as parks and trees in public and private spaces, play an important role in addressing environmental, economic and social challenges. In this session, we will introduce the variety of ‘services’ urban forests provide to cities and their inhabitants in four different world regions (from Barcelona to Beijing). Viewers  learn about activities taking place in Bonn, which has been awarded European Forest City 2020. Finally, with a focus on examples of how local governments work together on urban forestry by integrating local stakeholders as part of the CLEARING HOUSE project, the first Sino-European research project on urban forests.


Georg Winkel, Head of Resilience Programme, European Forest Institute (EFI), Bonn


  • Gesche Schifferdecker, Comms Manager, European Forest Institute (EFI), Bonn
  • Rik De Vreese, EFI’s Senior Expert for Urban Forestry and CLEARING HOUSE Project Coordinator
  • Eugènia Vidal Casanovas, Architect, Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, Spain
  • Cheng Wang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), Beijing
  • Cecil Konijendijk, Professor (urban forestry), Department of Forest Resources Management, Vancouver, Canada
  • Norman Rudgalwis, City of Gelsenkirchen, Germany