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@BonnGlobal: Networking in Disaster Management – Uniting Knowledge and Action in Bonn

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@BonnGlobal Host: Bonn Network International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction

The Bonn Network International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction brings together a great diversity of actors in the field of international disaster prevention and risk management in Bonn and the Bonn region – from research and education to direct response, from United Nations to national to local.

The Bonn network fosters continual exchange of knowledge and experience amongst its partners, pooling skills and building up resilient structures. It was initiated in 2017 by the City of Bonn with the support of the Geographical Institute of the University of Bonn and numerous other organizations. The city of Bonn has profound experience in disaster management, welcomed two early warning conferences and also has been the first city to sign the “Making cities resilient campaign”.

With three practical examples from capacity building to synergies through peer consulting and practicioners’ partnerships in disaster response, the network is demonstrating the potential of interdisciplinary, vertically-integrated collaboration. The panel showcases different models of collaboration and partnerships evolved from or enhanced by the network.

The session is of particular interest for cities, featuring diverse clusters of key players in disaster management, research and response, but also for cities wanting to build up local peer consulting and mutual assistance networks. Networking and joining capacities/knowledge create synergies in disaster risk management.


Susanne Nolden


  • Stefan Wagner, Head, Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability, City of Bonn
  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott, Head of Research Group Geomorphology and Environmental Systems, Director of Master’s Programme Disaster Management and Risk Governance, Department of Geography, University of Bonn
  • Dr. Yvonne Walz, Associate Academic Officer at Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services (EVES), United Nations University
  • Dr. Benni Thiebes, Managing Director, German Committee for Disaster Reduction
  • Jochen Stein, Head of Fire Department Bonn
  • Maryke van Staden, Manager of the Low Emission Development Pathway, Director of ICLEI’s carbonn Center