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Decarbonizing Transport: The Case of Electric Buses

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This session discusses development and challenges in electric buses and its uptake in public transportation systems. Several cities have announced ambitious goals for electrification of their bus fleet and adopted innovative business models to overcome challenges such as high upfront costs of electric buses. Experiences from these first movers shall be disseminated in order to identify key aspects when planning and procuring electric bus services.

The session also introduces the TUMI E-Bus Mission project (joint project by C40, GIZ, ICLEI, ITDP, UITP, SLOCAT, WRI).


  • Felipe Ramirez, General Manager, Transmilenio, Bogotá, Colombia: “Experiences of the city of Bogotá on acquiring electric buses by tender”
  • Anthony Courreges, Clean Transport Finance Manager, C40 Cities: “Innovative business models for electric bus upscaling”
  • Cristina Albuquerque, Urban Mobility Manager, WRI Brasil: “”Electrification of public transport in Brazilian cities””
  • Laghu Parashar, GIZ India: “Training needs of cities for upscaling of electric bus operations”
  • Facilitator: Jens Giersdorf, GIZ, TUMI Volt

The following questions will be addressed:

  • How to shift new bus procurements in leading cities worldwide to zero-emission technologies?
  • What can cities do to attract public and private financing for electric bus fleets?
  • How to engage and create political commitment at the city level to promote electrification of public transport?
  • What can other cities learn from cities that realized already large-scale tender processes for electric buses?
  • What are the needs of the cities when planning, implementing and operating electric bus fleets?
  • How can we foster knowledge transfer and share best practices that will accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral mobility?