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Digitalization as a game changer in the climate emergency response

Digitalization and digital technology have the potential to transform the current landscape of emergency climate action and are key enablers for attaining sustainability goals.

It is now possible to analyze data at unprecedentedly high-volume, high-variety, and high-speed formats to generate robust results to inform policy and decision-making processes at all levels. This is essential for responding to the climate emergency as time is running out. Nowadays, more and more scholars believe that in order to leverage this potential to support responses to the climate emergency, digitalization and sustainability should work hand in hand.

At this workshop, a panel of high-level and leading researchers and innovators from North America to Oceania engage in a discussion with participants relating to how digitalization can enable local governments to respond to the climate emergency with urgency and accuracy. The panel shares insights and a few cutting-edge digital solutions with local leaders and unpack how digitalization could tackle the climate emergency in both the Global South and the Global North.


  • Miroslav Polzer, Executive Director, International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI, Austria
  • Alexandre Caldas, Director, Technology, Innovation and Big Data, UNEP, Kenya
  • Katherine Foster, Community Director, Open Earth Foundation, USA
  • Pourya Salehi, Senior Research Officer, ICLEI World Secretariat, Germany