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Financing data-driven climate action: A sub-national perspective

The climate emergency has put cities under pressure to define ambitious climate targets and accelerate the development of mitigation and adaptation actions whose impacts have to be measurable over time. Cities are called to make greener investment decisions, sometimes relying on limited data and science-driven information. To overcome these challenges, cities can leverage the use of new technologies, evaluate new sources of data and cooperate with key actors to fill this gap and guarantee implementation. This session explores how cities are working with civil society organizations, the private sector and academia, to develop data-driven and science-based climate actions. This approach could unlock new sources of finance for local and regional governments by means of science-based action. We also explore how data-driven climate actions financed by the ICLEI Action Fund are generating impact on a local level while contributing to meet cities’ climate goals.


  • Ruud Schuthof(Speaker)ICLEI European Secretariat, Deputy Regional Director
  • Alis-Daniela Torres(Speaker)ICLEI European Secretariat, Senior Officer Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience
  • Hannah Miller(Speaker)ICLEI
  • Anna Williams(Speaker)Google, Solutions Lead, Google Environmental Insights Explorer
  • Brian Juhyuk Lee(Speaker)Google.org, Sustainability Program Manager, Sustainability Grantmaker
  • Caglar Tukel(Speaker)Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Engineer
  • Rachel Haycock(Speaker)Centre of Sustainable Energy, Decarbonizing in a Decade Project, Project Manager
  • Jens Bley(Speaker)Hafencity University, ANN Radar
  • Melissa Englund(Speaker)City of Englewood, USA, Sustainability Coordinator