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Land value capture: A financial tool to promote inclusive development

This session introduces the fundamentals of land value capture (LVC) and demonstrates how governments can use it to finance local climate mitigation and adaptation investments, including public transit, green infrastructure, and flood resilience. The session showcases different LVC tools that subnational governments can use to fund climate-positive infrastructure. Citing on-the-ground examples that facilitate peer learning, this session shows how climate investments can increase land values that could be used to recover costs or spur new investments, enabling a virtuous cycle of revenue generation, investment, and growth. Participants gain a basis to explore LVC in their cities.


  • Sena Segbedzi (Speaker) OECD, Champion Mayors For Inclusive Growth Coordinator
  • Luis Quintanilla Tamez (Speaker) Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Policy Analyst
  • Patrick Welch (Speaker) Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Policy Analyst
  • Melinda Lis Maldonado (Speaker) Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Professor and Researcher
  • Alex Lord (Speaker) Lever Chair of Town and Regional Planning, University of Liverpool