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On the front line together: accelerating climate emergency action for a better future

Cities, towns and regions are undertaking the ambitious and urgent local climate action to help tackle the climate emergency. But they cannot do it alone.

Daring Cities 2021 introduced a Call for Transformation that outlined demands for national governments, fellow local and regional governments, and broader civic society, that they need met in order to achieve the level of climate action necessary. As we conclude the Daring Cities 2022 Virtual Forum and look ahead toward UNFCCC COP27, we celebrate the progress and successes that have been made in the past year on advancing the points in the Call of Transformation, and reiterate the points which we will continue to bring forward to partner events throughout Urban October, culminating with our key messaging at UNFCCC COP27 focusing on #MultilevelActionDelivers and #Stocktake4ClimateEmergency.


  • Yunus Arikan(Speaker)ICLEI World Secretariat, Director of Global Advocacy
  • Minna Arve(Speaker)ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member, Mayor, City of Turku, Finland
  • Mohamed Sefiani(Speaker)ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member, Mayor, Chefchaouen Municipality, Morocco
  • Raf Tuts(Speaker)UN-Habitat, Director, Global Solutions Division
  • Susan Aitken(Speaker)Glasgow City Council, United Kingdom, Leader
  • Eszter Mogyorosy(Speaker)ICLEI World Secretariat, Head, Innovative Finance