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Partnering with vulnerable groups for inclusive local climate investment prioritization and planning


Cities around the world face pressure from increased urbanization rate, without holistic urban planning and with very limited municipal resources. As a result, city dwellers including women and youth, persons with disabilities, slum dwellers, minorities and marginalized groups experience inequality and increased vulnerability. But growing urbanization can be a transformative opportunity to achieve greater equality, if cities are planned and financed better. This session showcases examples of successful “People-Public Partnerships”, including how investing in local solutions that address the needs of the most disproportionately affected by the climate emergency can increase their access to economic opportunities, better services and infrastructure and reduce inequalities through participatory, inclusive, and accountable urban governance.


  • Andrew Senjovu(Speaker)Cities Alliance, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
  • Stephen Seidel(Speaker)Habitat for Humanity, Senior Director – Global Partnerships
  • Ariana Karamallis(Speaker)Slum Dwellers International, Programme Coordinator: Advocacy and Resilience
  • Darlington Sibanda(Speaker)African Centre for Cities, Postdoctoral Researcher: Climate Change, Poverty, Inequality, Sustainable Development
  • George Masimba(Speaker)SDI Zimbabwe, Director of Programmes, Dialogue on Shelter Trust
  • Anwesha Tewary(Speaker)Huairou Commission, Learning and Knowledge Management Specialist
  • Naeem Razwani(Speaker)Habitat for Humanity, Sr. Director, Global Financial Inclusion and Capital Markets