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Seeding the future of energy: Public private partnerships to drive energy innovation at scale

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident with each passing day. It is clear that urgent action is needed to reduce GHG emissions dramatically whilst securing stability of and fair access to the energy system. Local governments are in a key position to implement actions toward more sustainable patterns, however, such a swift change cannot be done with public resources alone. Partnerships with the business sector can accelerate implementation at scale. Innovative financing schemes to decarbonize the energy system with the support of private companies are sprouting around the world to ensure action for the climate emergency. By cooperating with the business sector, local governments are stepping up and filling the gaps in local climate action, securing expertise and resources that would not be otherwise available.

The session presents a few of these innovative schemes from Africa, Chinese Taipei, and Europe, bringing experts and concrete experience to the discussion in an interactive format. Participants have the chance to learn and get inspired on topics such as PPPs, international sustainable certifications, PPAs and seed funds, with the possibility to deepen one of them with an expert in break out rooms.


  • Eszter Mogyorosy(Speaker)ICLEI World Secretariat, Head, Innovative Finance
  • Felix Afrofi(Speaker)ICLEI World Secretariat, Senior Officer, Sustainable Energy
  • Sanket Puranik(Speaker)SIN – Smart Innovation Norway (SESA), Senior Researcher on Energy Systems
  • Ben Santhouse-James(Speaker)UNFCCC Youth Constituency (YOUNGO), Renewable Energy Working Group Co-Lead
  • James Wang(Speaker)Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Vice President General Director of Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories