Daring Cities 2023

The fourth edition of Daring Cities is being organized around the theme: A just and equitable climate emergency response. 

Daring Cities 2023 seeks to empower urban decision-makers to lead the response to the climate emergency, with a focus on how to ensure the climate emergency response also supports the just transition. This year’s edition will continue to provide a platform to convene representatives of all levels of government to strategize and commit to multi-level, whole-of-society climate action that addresses the climate emergency, while further developing sustainable and resilient urban systems.

Daring Cities 2023 aims to enhance and accelerate local and urban climate action through multi-level governance, engagement, and delivery to transform cities to be healthy, sustainable, just, inclusive, low-emission and resilient urban systems for a better urban future for all. 

Sessions will seek to identify top challenges, obstacles, and knowledge gaps to effective and just multilevel climate action as perceived by local, regional, and national governments, and present solutions and opportunities for addressing and overcoming these barriers. 

To achieve this, Daring Cities 2023 has a brand-new programme structure. Click here to find out more.