Communicating in the climate emergency

  Communications – good and bad – are everywhere. Whether or not it’s in your job description, you will be asked to do communications. Communications strategies can be used as an effective weapon in the fight against climate change by just about anyone fighting the fight. Led by a team of seasoned environmental communicators, this… Read More

Land value capture: Leveraging land for financing climate action

The ongoing surge of urbanisation globally is now compounded by the challenges imposed by the urgency of climate change. Providing investment and making planning decisions that are consistent with climate policy challenges is key for addressing sustainable development issues while financing and building low-carbon, climate resilient and inclusive cities. As a set of policy instruments,… Read More

Research and innovation take center stage in the climate emergency

  Research is essential for carrying out informed action in response to the present climate emergency. The key to implementing successful and effective climate action is to execute city-led research which generates robust knowledge which speaks to the needs of local and subnational governments. As suggested by the newly published IPCC report (AR6) which has… Read More

It’s about water! Local water action for climate change adaptation in urban areas

    Climate change impacts cities in manifold ways and often affects water resources: floods and other natural hazards damage urban infrastructure, drinking water quality can deteriorate, and pressure on surrounding water-based ecosystems can increase. The Bonn Water Network (BWN) invites you to its session at the Daring Cities Conference focusing on how local water… Read More

Prioritizing climate emergency throughout the municipality

  All over the world, the number of climate emergencies is increasing. Urged by scientists and a growing sense of urgency in the public, over 2000 national, regional and local governments expressed their ambitions to take action publicly by declaring/acknowledging climate emergency, with many others following swiftly in upping their decarbonization targets or aiming for… Read More

Digitalization as a game changer in the climate emergency response

Digitalization and digital technology have the potential to transform the current landscape of emergency climate action and are key enablers for attaining sustainability goals. It is now possible to analyze data at unprecedentedly high-volume, high-variety, and high-speed formats to generate robust results to inform policy and decision-making processes at all levels. This is essential for… Read More

Climate crisis: Who must bear the burden?

This is the first panel of the @BonnGlobal series in the framework of #UNBonn25, jointly hosted by SÜDWIND Institute and Germanwatch Who should pay for climate protection and climate adjustment? What is the role of cities in tackling the climate emergency? How can they shape a climate-just future together and with other stakeholders? We provide… Read More

I’ve declared a climate emergency, now what do I do?

  A climate emergency declaration or declaring a climate emergency is an action taken by governments and scientists to acknowledge humanity is in a climate emergency. The first such declaration was made in December 2016. Since then over 1,900 local governments in 34 countries have made climate emergency declarations. This session brings  together practitioners in… Read More

Multi-stakeholder partnerships supporting ambitious climate action

  As part of Climate Emergency Leadership Day, organizations dedicated to tackling the climate emergency commit their support to our daring cities, announcing the dedicated actions and steps they are taking right now to help further enable and accelerate urgent and ambitious climate action in cities, towns, and regions around the world. Statements of commitment… Read More