Land value capture: A financial tool to promote inclusive development

This session introduces the fundamentals of land value capture (LVC) and demonstrates how governments can use it to finance local climate mitigation and adaptation investments, including public transit, green infrastructure, and flood resilience. The session showcases different LVC tools that subnational governments can use to fund climate-positive infrastructure. Citing on-the-ground examples that facilitate peer learning,… Read More

Lasting climate resilience: A deeper look at climate insurance linked resilient infrastructure finance and urban infrastructure insurance facility

  Cities are on the frontline of financial resilience challenges. These include liquidity challenges on an immediate basis for response, a lack of financing in relation to climate risks, and the existing fiscal constraints that hinder investment in pre-disaster preparation measures, such as insurance products. Through this workshop, UNCDF and ICLEI share two approaches, the… Read More

The path to finance: How to pitch climate projects – TAP Asia-Africa pitch event

One of the main bottlenecks identified why local governments continue to be unable to access climate finance is the limited knowledge about the needs and requirements of funders. Furthermore, they rarely have the opportunity to engage with them directly. In a similar way, financial institutions and investors encounter difficulties in identifying bankable projects from sub-national… Read More

Multilevel and collaborative climate emergency leadership (I)

As part of Climate Emergency Leadership Day, in this panel discussion, representatives of national governments who have declared a climate emergency or enhanced their national climate ambitions towards 2030 and 2050, through revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), discuss with local and regional government leaders what is needed at multiple levels to put words into action… Read More