The path to finance: How to pitch climate projects – TAP Asia-Africa pitch event

One of the main bottlenecks identified why local governments continue to be unable to access climate finance is the limited knowledge about the needs and requirements of funders. Furthermore, they rarely have the opportunity to engage with them directly. In a similar way, financial institutions and investors encounter difficulties in identifying bankable projects from sub-national… Read More

Daring cities and regions leading by example (I)

  As part of Climate Emergency Mobilization Day, this session shares exemplary cases of local and regional leaders who have not only declared a climate emergency, but are also rapidly advancing in much needed action. Cases are selected to present a range of inspiring approaches and regional diversity. Run of show Welcome & Introduction Fireside… Read More

CapaCITIES – Climate Resilient Cities – Action Planning and Implementation Lessons

In order to access the video, you must create an account on or log-in. The session focuses on showcasing the efforts of the national government of India and cities in furthering climate action, through policy action, evolved planning paradigms and city-led action. Senior representatives from agencies at National, Sub-national and local levels discuss challenges,… Read More

Bold Circular Development as Daring Climate Action

In order to access the video, you must create an account on or log-in. The session addresses two challenges that cities face during their transition to a circular and zero-carbon city: industrial waste circularity and food waste recovery. Speakers from China and Europe share their experiences in utilizing local circular economy measures, and how… Read More