Importance of local and regional government participation in financial disclosures

While corporations and capital market participants have been engaging with and reporting against the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations since 2017, local governments have been unable to disclose their climate-related information against the TCFD recommendations in a standardized and comparable manner, until now. This session shares why the TCFD matters to local… Read More

Financing data-driven climate action: A sub-national perspective

The climate emergency has put cities under pressure to define ambitious climate targets and accelerate the development of mitigation and adaptation actions whose impacts have to be measurable over time. Cities are called to make greener investment decisions, sometimes relying on limited data and science-driven information. To overcome these challenges, cities can leverage the use… Read More

Partnering with vulnerable groups for inclusive local climate investment prioritization and planning

  Cities around the world face pressure from increased urbanization rate, without holistic urban planning and with very limited municipal resources. As a result, city dwellers including women and youth, persons with disabilities, slum dwellers, minorities and marginalized groups experience inequality and increased vulnerability. But growing urbanization can be a transformative opportunity to achieve greater… Read More

Making Cities Resilient 2030: Unleashing the potential of networking in disaster prevention – Bonn as a future resilience hub

@BonnGlobal Workshops – Climate change induced disasters challenge cities around the world. The United Nations Programme for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has launched the Making Cities Resilient Campaign 2030 during Daring Cities 2020. Cities assuming the role of resilience hub act as multiplicators within the campaign, showcasing their work and sharing insights, expertise and best… Read More

Shifting to female-driven climate action

@BonnGlobal Workshops – Gender@International Bonn is an institutional network for gender equality based in Bonn. The Panel showcases how mainstreaming gender into climate action and gender-just climate budgeting can be beneficial in order to master the Climate Emergency. Starting with the need to unleash the potential of women for better climate action, the panelists comment… Read More

Inclusive climate action approaches to accelerating a just transition

This session is a call to action for a stronger focus on just transition in climate action and finance in the context of international development cooperation. Just transition encompasses the ecological transformation of the entire economy and society with a special focus on social compatibility. Cities offer the opportunity to think about social inequality and… Read More

Innovative finance solutions to fund and implement urgent climate action

With existing good practice, available tools and expertise, this session brings information and knowledge to city representatives, both early stage and mature, also encouraging them to share their questions and experiences with each other. The workshop focuses on approaches taken, exploring what worked well and why. In the case of early stage projects, the session… Read More

Close the gap: Innovative finance for urban transformation

This 60-minute high-level dialogue brings together key leaders in a session focused on the urgency and emergency to finance urban transformation. The session will build on the Glasgow Climate Pact adopted at COP26 on scaling up finance and capacity building to enhance adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. Mayors and key… Read More