Making Cities Resilient 2030: Unleashing the potential of networking in disaster prevention – Bonn as a future resilience hub

@BonnGlobal Workshops – Climate change induced disasters challenge cities around the world. The United Nations Programme for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has launched the Making Cities Resilient Campaign 2030 during Daring Cities 2020. Cities assuming the role of resilience hub act as multiplicators within the campaign, showcasing their work and sharing insights, expertise and best… Read More

Shifting to female-driven climate action

@BonnGlobal Workshops – Gender@International Bonn is an institutional network for gender equality based in Bonn. The Panel showcases how mainstreaming gender into climate action and gender-just climate budgeting can be beneficial in order to master the Climate Emergency. Starting with the need to unleash the potential of women for better climate action, the panelists comment… Read More

Climate crisis: Who must bear the burden?

This is the first panel of the @BonnGlobal series in the framework of #UNBonn25, jointly hosted by SÜDWIND Institute and Germanwatch Who should pay for climate protection and climate adjustment? What is the role of cities in tackling the climate emergency? How can they shape a climate-just future together and with other stakeholders? We provide… Read More

@BonnGlobal: Community Energy – People Power

In order to access the video, you must create an account on or log-in. @BonnGlobal host: World Wind Energy Association Any ambitious climate action plan must put clean energy supply at its center by defining the complete switch to 100% renewable energy in all sectors in a specific timeframe. As this renewable energy supply… Read More

@BonnGlobal: Indigenous Peoples For Sustainable Forestry

In order to access the video, you must create an account on or log-in. @BonnGlobal host: Forest Stewardship Council Indigenous Peoples have called forests home since the beginning of time. They know what it means to take what they need and nurture and preserve the rest for generations to come. Indigenous communities have a… Read More

@BonnGlobal: Forests – Multifunctional Solutions for Resilient Cities

In order to access the video, you must create an account on or log-in. @BonnGlobal host: European Forest Institute Urban forests, as well as parks and trees in public and private spaces, play an important role in addressing environmental, economic and social challenges. In this session, we will introduce the variety of ‘services’ urban… Read More